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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Legal Relief’ assists clients in avoiding litigation and resolving disputes by using various forms of ADR. We advise our clients as to when ADR may be appropriate, what manner of ADR in domestic & cross-border may suit the particular circumstances of a case, and provide the representation which is attuned to the method of ADR adopted and the client’s objectives. Our law firm having enormous experiences in the relevant field as gained from conducting various cases in Arbitral Tribunal and before the court of District Judge, High Court Division under the Arbitration Act, 2001 has already attained the clients’ core confidence in this sector covering both national and international arbitration. The senior members of this chamber have performed not only as lawyers before the Arbitral Tribunal but also as Arbitrator in many cases. The area of our practice in this pasture does not only confined to conducting cases but also the same extend to drafting agreements and other procedural and theoretical performances. Our lawyers are sensitive to these factors and recommend and tailor ADR techniques so that the chosen process will best serve our clients’ interests. We provide a wide spectrum of dispute resolution and conflict management services to individuals and businesses that address a variety of dispute types including but not limited to Banking, Bankruptcy, Breach of Contract, Commercial, Construction, Contacts, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Admiralty and Maritime.

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