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We advise across the full spectrum of legal banking and finance matters, acting for parties ranging from multinational lenders to growth corporations. Being the law firm of numerous commercially successful corporate houses, banks and financial institutions, we have achieved tremendous success in this sector. Clients trust Legal Relief’ banking lawyers to take a practical, business-oriented approach to achieving their objectives. Ours have a sophisticated understanding of the expectations and requirements of both sides to a financing transaction and provide counsel tailored to each client’s needs. Our adept legal team conducting various types of cases/suits for and on behalf of the banks/financial institutions including Artha Rin Suit, Cases under Negotiable Instruments Act, Insolvency, Fraud Cases and other litigations is part of our regular practice. We have comprehensive set up for handling all types of banking cases before the Judge’s Court, High Court Division, Appellate Division and other forums. Our services do extend to but not limited to legal opinion, legal notice, drafting, vetting, filing cases, consultancy, dispute resolution, etc.

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