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Company and Commercial Law

We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of our clients’ industries and business enterprise structures. An ever-changing area, we help companies minimize operational and regulatory risks and provide them with on-going, up-to-the-minute advice. Incorporation of companies of various types including private limited by shares, public limited by shares, companies limited by guarantees, charitable organizations, club and other associations, and providing all kinds of documentations supports, listing the companies with stock exchanges and updating all records with comprehensive legal supports are the integral parts of our duties. We conduct all types of company and commercial cases including minority shareholding rights protection, unfair treatment in the company and discrimination, labor rights’ protection, association interest related issues, winding up, holding Annual General Meeting and other meetings, amendment of Memorandum and Articles, etc. We also provide consultancy to the young entrepreneurs in forming new company or partnership firm or proprietary form. We help them shaping their dreams not being worrying about the legal formalities for running their business. We carry out their formalities and let them to fly with their business dreams. Our success is to see them accomplishing their dreams. By providing all kinds of comprehensive services in this pasture our firm has already made a reliable position amongst the clients and courts as well.

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