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Admiralty and Shipping

Legal Relief admiralty and shipping team understands the challenges involved in doing business and resolving the complex issues of the maritime industry. Our admiralty and shipping practice is well-positioned to provide our clients a full range of legal services on domestic and international aspects including vessel arrest, release, shipbuilding contracts, vessel ownership, registration, creation of security and others. We do understand our clients’ care for their valuable ship, cargo, business depending on and dreams related with these. We understand the sensitivity of the investors in local and foreign vessels. We always handle admiralty cases cautiously valuing the time and emergency situation of our clients. By our sincere, prompt and accountable service to our clients we have already gained clients’ confidence and faith. We are committed to solving the problems of our clients not only by filing or contesting their cases always but also through alternative process, negotiation and persuasion for securing the best interest of our clients.

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